Alpha Imaging acquires Tristar Midatlantic Imaging

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Alpha Imaging has acquired Tristar Midatlantic Imaging, which will allow these two US based distributors to more extensively cover the Midwest and East Coast of the USA.

Tristar specialise in X-ray imaging equipment supply and services but the companies customers will also have access to the entire range of products provided by Alpha Imaging. The move supplements Alpha Imaging's existing imaging sales and service capabilities with those of Tristar Midatlantic Imaging in eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware.

'Our territories have been adjacent for many years and this was a logical partnership to expand in the Mid-Atlantic region,' said Michael Perrico, CEO of Alpha Imaging. 'We are excited to welcome a very talented team at Tristar and look forward to bringing new products and enhanced services to their customers.'

Alpha Imaging has enjoyed success in the Midwestern U.S. for the past 27 years. It acquired Reliant Medical Systems in 2012 to establish a centre of excellence for service delivery in the Mid-Atlantic. The addition of Tristar Midatlantic Imaging further enhances its support infrastructure on the East Coast.

'Alpha Imaging is a great fit for us and our customers,' commented Jim Harrington, CEO of Tristar Midatlantic Imaging. 'They are a first-class organisation with the same emphasis on customer satisfaction that has made us successful over the years. This move ensures a bright future for our customers and employees.'

In addition to the array of X-ray imaging equipment, former Tristar Midatlantic Imaging customers will now have access to Alpha Imaging's broad product portfolio of Omega Medical Imaging interventional EP and gastroenterology imaging labs, Neusoft Computed Tomography scanners and several imaging informatics solutions.

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