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Vision Research launches Phantom T4040 high-speed camera

Vision Research has introduced the Phantom T4040 high-speed camera. The new device features a back-side illuminated 2,560 x 1,664 sensor that maximises light sensitivity with a peak quantum efficiency over 90%.

Thanks to its 4MP sensor, the T4040 can capture fine detail and movement over larger areas. Its other Standout features include extreme dynamic range (EDR), which mitigates the effects of bright flashes, and binning mode, which expands the camera's use as a 1MP camera.

Binning mode combines pixels to achieve 39,000fps at 1MP and up to 444,000fps at 1,280 x 64 resolution.

The new system is suited to applications including:

  • Material impact tests - improving the accuracy required for tracking elements and debris after the collision.

  • Explosives research - using its EDR feature to capture particle trajectories and key data contained in the bright flash.

  • Particle imaging, with its high resolution improving data accuracy when processed into a 3D model for time-resolved particle image velocimetry. 

  • Small objects imaging, with its 9.27-micron pixel size being ideal for subjects requiring high magnification, e.g. insect wings and computer microchips.


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