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Osaro releases vision software for e-commerce robots

Osaro has announced that Osaro SightWorks, its machine learning vision software for automated e-commerce tasks, is now available to integrators and third-party logistics companies.

Osaro SightWorks allows robots to perform tasks on e-commerce fulfilment stations, such as picking, depalletising, induction, kitting, and more.

The firm claims this software reduces the risk of people being injured on the production line, while boosting productivity. 

Osaro says its robot can recognise and handle mixed cases and recognise foreign objects on boxes stacked on a pallet, such as box cutters or tape dispensers.

The system will stop and alarm until these items are removed; likewise for damaged boxes that might break open if lifted. 

Osaro's vision software is interfaced with LG CNS’ smart logistics robot platform to pick up retail items such as tea boxes and snack packages and deliver them to mobile robots or storage systems that transport products downstream for processing.

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