Ultris hyperspectral camera

Cubert’s new Ultris camera was developed based on the light field technology. The camera features an Ultra-HD CMOS sensor with 20 megapixel, which makes Ultris the imaging spectrometer with the worldwide highest resolution

TestD system series

Telops' new TestD system series offers non-destructive testing solutions for the evaluation of components or assemblies in order to detect defects without damaging the materials


Telops’ Hyper-Cam is an advanced passive infrared hyperspectral imaging system

HySpex Mjolnir-1024

With the HySpex Mjolnir-1024, Norsk Elektro Optikk (NEO) introduces a new hyperspectral camera for UAV applications. It is a complete solution for producing the highest quality georeferenced data of scientific grade

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