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Blackbodies from HGH Infrared Systems

Sphere Optics supplies Blackbodies from HGH Infrared Systems. Since 1982, HGH Infrared Systems has provided leading-edge Infrared (IR) test equipment, such as blackbodies, to universities, research labs, manufacturers and test centres worldwide. Blackbodies are reference IR sources used for testing infrared systems. They are required in industries for the calibration of pyrometers or infrared cameras (e.g. nonuniformity correction of FPAs). In laboratories, they are part of test benches to characterize complex optronic systems.

HGH offers a wide range of blackbodies to cover all customer needs: 

  • Low and high temperature area blackbodies (differential and absolute), with large emissive areas, for the characterization of infrared systems performances.
  • High temperature cavity blackbodies, for high energy measuring systems calibration (up to 1300°C).
  • Double extended area blackbodies, for applications requiring fast switching between temperatures.
  • Vacuum blackbodies, cryogenic temperature blackbodies for testing space borne systems.

HGH offers a great deal of additional options to meet application requirements as close as possible: anticondensation systems for low temperatures, target plates and pattern standards, double emissive area blackbodies, etc. HGH’s blackbodies are well known for their high-level of regulation stability, high and constant spectral emissivity, high thermal uniformity across the emitting surface, reliability according to various environments (laboratories, climatic chamber, outdoor), and their fast response time required for production line applications.


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