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Sill Optics GmbH & Co. KG

Sill Optics is the specialist for quality and innovation in the field of photonics technologies. With regard to customized development as well as standard solutions we have established ourselves internationally and are one of the leading companies in this business.
The product range focuses on telecentric imaging lenses, standard lenses and telecentric condensers for illumination. Besides high quality, flexibility due to inhouse production and individual services are offered by them.
Sill Optics is often first choice for customized products, prototypes and small series.

Good vibrations

Greg Blackman reports on the latest lens technology presented during Vision Stuttgart, including optics designed to withstand shock

Shining a light on lenses

Stemmer Imaging’s series of technology days included talks from various lens manufacturers. Here, we round up some of what was discussed at the event

Sill Optics

Sill Optics’ telecentric lenses for applications beyond standard metrology setups will be on display at booth 1146

Rising to the resolution challenge

Larger sensors and smaller pixels are pushing image resolution higher, but can the lenses for machine vision cameras keep up? Lucy Goodchild van Hilten reports on maximising resolution through optics


Sill Optics has introduced a thermal imaging lens with 50mm focal length and an f-number of 1.5


Sill Optics has released the S6IRI154x, a precision LED condenser with aspheric surfaces that is compatible with the reliable standard S6IRI153x condensers.


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