Sensing solutions for soldiers

Jessica Rowbury looks at the latest sensing technology employed onboard military vehicles and the challenges faced by soldiers in making sense of vast amounts of imaging data

Tachyon range

The Tachyon range from New Infrared Technologies (NIT) is now available via Pacer. The range of FPAs provides uncooled MWIR detection solutions for both civilian and military infrared sensing systems

Focus-tunable lenses

Pacer has introduced a range of focus-tunable lenses based on elastic polymers, which open up new possibilities in adaptive optics


A new series of surface mount infrared reflective sensors produced by TT Optek and distributed by Pacer offers an extremely fast response time and high sensitivity.


Pacer has launched the TVS range of professional CCTV video displays. The TVS portfolio includes a diverse range of unique professional video displays designed for the surveillance industry.

Contact image sensor

Pacer has introduced a colour contact image sensor (CIS) from Tichawa Vision, which promises large reading width, high resolution and scan speeds.

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