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Not scratching the surface

Surfaces have a key role, stopping corrosion for one, and Rob Coppinger examines the latest solutions for inspecting this most important of features

Is CXP right for you?

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The emergence of the CoaXPress (CXP) standard gives developers of imaging and vision applications a new camera interface with which to work. Determining if the standard is the right choice for your next project requires careful consideration of both CXP’s features and your application requirements. This white paper introduces you to CoaXPress, compares it to established standards like Camera Link and GigE Vision, describes the applications for which it is best suited, and discusses how this standard may likely evolve.

Understanding colour machine vision

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Digital cameras with colour image sensors are now commonplace. The same is true for the computing power and device interfaces necessary to handle the additional data from colour images. What’s more, as users become familiar and comfortable with machine vision technology, they seek to tackle more difficult or previously unsolvable applications. These circumstances combine to make colour machine vision an area of mounting interest. Colour machine vision poses unique challenges but it also brings some unique capabilities for manufacturing control and inspection.

Programming power

Greg Blackman on the developments taking place within image processing libraries

Into connect

With the recent release of CoaXPress and the planned release of Camera Link HS later in the year, Greg Blackman explores how these two new standards will fit into the machine vision connectivity landscape

Seen from all sides

Coupling vision with a robot can make for a flexible inspection system. Greg Blackman investigates some areas where robotic systems incorporating imaging are finding a use

Matrox Iris GT colour smart cameras

Matrox Iris GT colour smart cameras from Matrox Imaging now work with Design Assistant 2.4 software. The camera series also now offers a model with a 5 Megapixel monochrome CCD sensor

Matrox GatorEye

The Matrox GatorEye GigE Vision industrial camera from Matrox Imaging now offers 3D capabilities


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