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Matrox Iris GT colour smart cameras

Matrox Iris GT colour smart cameras from Matrox Imaging now work with Design Assistant 2.4 software to offer new possibilities for manufacturing control and inspection.

The camera series also now offers a model with a 5 Megapixel monochrome CCD sensor. The Iris GT5000 has a 2,448 x 2,050 pixel 2/3-inch monochrome CCD sensor running at 15fps.

Matrox Design Assistant 2.4 flowchart-based integrated development environment introduces a set of tools to identify parts, products, and items using colour, in addition to assessing quality from colour and isolating features using colour.

The software's Color Matcher step determines the best matching colour from a collection of samples for each region of interest within an image. A colour sample can be specified interactively from an image or through the use of numerical values. The colour matching method and the interpretation of colour differences can be manually adjusted to suit particular application requirements. The Color Matcher step can also match each image pixel to colour samples, which segments the image into appropriate elements for further analysis using other steps such as blob analysis.

The Image Processing step includes operations to calculate the colour distance and perform colour projection. The distance operation reveals the extent of colour differences within and between images, while the projection operation enhances colour to greyscale image conversion for analysis using other greyscale processing steps.

In addition to colour analysis tools, Matrox Design Assistant 2.4 introduces a Code Verifier step to grade identification marks using ANSI/AIM and ISO/IEC standards, as well as several features to facilitate project design and maintenance.


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