Sony IMX426 Pregius

Available from Framos, the Sony IMX426 Pregius 3rd generation global shutter CMOS image sensor provides 9µm pixel size and reaches VGA resolution with 1,449 fps at10-bit for maximised throughput in factory automation

Python sample script

The Framos engineering team shares Python sample script on GitHub that works directly with multiple Intel RealSense cameras to create bounding boxes for any kind of item

Sunex Optics MOD255I sensor module

Sunex Optics has released its first sensor module, the MOD255I, based on its 4K miniature DSL255 Super Fish Eye lens for easy digital video device development with embedded vision

Pregius sensors

Available from Framos, Sony has released new image sensors within its third-generation Pregius line, featuring the SLVS-EC high-speed interface

Data-driven business models inspired by 3D vision

Data is now a fiercely guarded asset for most companies and, as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, Framos’ Dr Christopher Scheubel discusses potential new business models based on 3D vision data, following a talk he gave at the Embedded Vision Summit in Santa Clara this week


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