Alrad Imaging

VDS Vosskuhler NIR-300

Alrad Imaging has introduced the VDS Vosskuhler NIR-300, an infrared camera with a spectral range of 0.9–1.7µm. The digital camera incorporates a 320 x 256 InGaAs sensor with a 14-bit readout at 50fps.

DLIS-2K and DLIS-4K sensors

Alrad Imaging has introduced the DLIS-2K and the DLIS-4K re-configurable line scan CMOS image sensors from Panavision Imaging. The sensors feature oversampling for enhanced sensitivity and High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging.


Alrad is distributing e2v's AVIIVA line scan range of cameras, which benefit from e2v's recent acquisition of the CCD and CMOS camera and sensor technology from Atmel Grenoble.


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