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Tunable, MultiSpectral LED Line Light with up to 12 different wavelengths announced by ProPhotonix

COBRA™ MultiSpec multispectral LED line light

COBRA™ MultiSpec multispectral LED line light – one of the latest releases from ProPhotonix

ProPhotonix has recently announced details of its COBRA™ MultiSpec multispectral LED line light, which has been designed to deliver tunable multispectral light allowing users to optimise image acquisition. Offering discrete control of up to 12 different wavelengths, from 365nm to 1650nm via an intuitive graphical user interface, it can maximise contrast by choosing the optimum spectral profile and providing more intensity at specific wavelengths to suit application needs.

COBRA MultiSpec RGB-SWIR delivers multispectral tunable illumination allowing users to optimise the spectrum to maximise contrast, compensate for camera sensitivity, and deliver clearer, higher resolution images for increased accuracy and speed. Precise control of the light via its user-friendly GUI allows system designers to easily fine-tune the performance of their system. Discrete control of each wavelength allows users to select the optimum wavelength balancing and relative intensities specific to the application needs.

With its versatile configuration options, modular design (available in any length up to 6m) and this interesting 12-wavelength setting, it’s another keynote launch from the company, which has its headquarters in Salem, USA.


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