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HL40023MG laser diode

ProPhotonix, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of LED systems and laser modules, will distribute two new high-power laser diodes from Opnext.

The HL40023MG, a high power 404nm, 500mW violet laser diode is suited to applications such as biomedical illumination and optical lithography. The laser diode offers manufacturers a cost-competitive option to use a high intensity diode in a small 5.6mm package. With a low typical operating current of only 390mA, it also saves on power helping to lower manufacturers overall operating costs.

The module is the first in a family of blue laser diodes being planned for development. It has been specifically designed to meet the demands of mobile pico projector applications. However, it's also well suited to a variety of fluorescence and sensing applications. Using a unique and proprietary design, the module provides 60mW of optical output power at a 445nm. A maximum operating temperature of 70°C and tiny 3.8mm package size make it ideal for the growing market demand in embedded and mobile device applications.


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