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Orbbec releases Persee N1 camera-computer kit for 3D vision enthusiasts


Orbbec has developed the Persee N1, an all-in-one combination of a stereo-vision 3D camera and a purpose-built computer based on the Nvidia Jetson platform, equipped with industry-standard interfaces for the most useful accessories and data connections. 

Developers using the newly launched camera-computer will also enjoy the benefits of the Ubuntu OS and OpenCV libraries. 

Persee N1 delivers highly accurate and reliable data for in-door/semi-outdoor operation, ideally suited for health technology, dimensioning, interactive gaming, retail and robotics applications. The system features:  An easy setup process using the Orbbec SDK and Ubuntu-based software environment; an industry-proven Gemini 2 camera, based on active stereo IR technology; the powerful Nvidia Jetson platform for edge AI and robotics; HDMI and USB ports for easy connections to a monitor and keyboard; multiple USB ports for data and a Power over Ethernet port for combined data and power connections; and expandable storage with MicroSD and M2 slots.

The new camera module also features official support for the widely used Open Computer Vision (OpenCV) library. OpenCV is used in an estimated 89% of all embedded vision projects according to industry reports. This integration marks the beginning of a deeper collaboration between Orbbec and OpenCV, which is operated by the non-profit Open Source Vision Foundation.


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