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Omron's SWIR camera overcomes manufacturing challenges

Omron SWIR

Industry automation solutions provider Omron Automation introduces the new SWIR camera series that uses short wave infrared technology to help overcome common manufacturing challenges. 

Manufacturers in the food and commodity industry struggle with ambient lighting interfering with machine vision inspections. By using SWIR, vision engineers and system designers can remove the need to depend on traditional lighting and are equipped with highly controlled and precise inspection, removing variability. 

In the semiconductor and electronic industries, post manufacturing inspections require intrusive technologies. SWIR improves this process by allowing inspectors to see through different visual spectrums, facilitating inspections of concealed items, even under plastic wrap or silicon coating.

Omron’s new solution features Sony’s Pregius IMX990 and IMX991 SWIR sensors, with GigE vision, USB3 vision, and Camerlink interfaces at 0.3MP or 1.3MP resolution. 

In addition, the system’s fanless Peltier cooling design provides excellent heat dissipation.


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