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New Sick ultrasonic sensor reliable in ambient light, dusty or dirty environments


Sick has added the UC40, a powerful and compact cube sensor, to its ultrasonic sensor family. The Sick UC40 delivers wide-ranging ultrasonic detection duties up to 5m. Equipped with push-lock mounting and IO-Link, it can be quickly integrated in machinery, on conveyors and on automated mobile vehicles.

The Sick UC40 is a versatile all-rounder for demanding industrial conditions, outputting reliable distance or level measurements even in poor ambient light, dusty or dirty environments. The UC40 also ensures reliable presence detection and position data independent of gloss, colour, transparency or reflectivity of the detected object. It is therefore ideal for use in logistics materials handling and packaging machinery, for example. 

Push, lock and play

“With the Sick UC40, it couldn’t be easier to harness the power of reliable ultrasonic sensing whatever the environment,” explains Nick Hartley, Sick’s UK Market Product Manager for Distance Measurement. “With a click and twist of the push-lock bracket, the UC40 is mounted in no-time, whether in a new machine or as a replacement for an existing sensor.

“It’s easy to set up the UC40 using its adaptable sound cone, and teach-in is quickly achieved using Sick’s SOPAS software. Its tried and tested factory settings ensure it can be quickly adapted to the broadest range of standard industrial applications. The digital push-pull output for IO-Link also means the UC40 can be integrated with minimal cabling into both existing and new installations.

Stable & Reliable Signal

A stable ultrasonic signal is assured with the benefit of the Sick UC40’s interference echo suppression capability. The selectable sensitivity hysteresis also stabilises the signal for laterally approaching objects. The signal quality can be monitored during operation via IO-Link and four status LEDs provide a visual indicator on the sensor that it is operating as expected.

The UC40 comes with integrated temperature compensation to ensure consistently-reliable distance measurement data. The ambient temperature is continuously recorded, and the measured value calculation automatically adjusted.

With a compact and rugged IP65/67 housing and rotatable sensor head, the UC40 can fit into tight machine spaces. A full range of accessories, including standard M12 cable connectors, IO-Link masters and Sensor Integration Machines are available. The Sick UC40 can therefore be easily configured to deliver data in edge applications and multi-device configurations.


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