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Multispectral sensor and US drone firms partner for agriculture productivity

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Agricultural image sensor developer, Sentera, has announced the integration of its 65R and 6X series cameras on a drone platform from Inspired Flight Technologies, an American manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles. 

The integration enables high-resolution global shutter mapping and science-grade multispectral imaging capabilities for customers. 

The 65R is an ultra-high-resolution aerial RGB sensor that delivers easy drone integration without compromising image quality. With a sustained 3Hz capture rate of 65-megapixel global shutter imagery, the 65R produces excellent visual-band imagery. 

The 6X and 6X thermal sensors offer science grade multispectral data, with six independent synchronised optical paths, custom filtering options, and high radiometric accuracy. The 6X series sensors are used by agricultural researchers and agronomists. 

Both the 6X series and 65R are equipped with Sentera-designed feather-weight gimbals, 512GB SSD internal storage, and time-of-capture geo-tagging making them efficient, productive, and easy-to-use. 

The IF800 Tomcat by Inspired Flight features a lightweight, compact, and foldable frame, making it easily transportable and deployable in diverse environments. With a flight time of 54 minutes and a payload capacity of 1.5kg (max payload 3kg), the medium-lift IF800 Tomcat maximises operational efficiency and productivity.

Credit for main image: MONOPOLY919/Shutterstock


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