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LightPath releases Mantis camera for long-range thermal imaging

LightPath are supporting the next generation of long distance imaging with its cameras (Image: LightPath)

LightPath are supporting the next generation of long distance imaging with its cameras (Image: LightPath)

LightPath Technologies, global manufacturers and integrators of proprietary optical and infrared technologies, has introduced a new camera that leverages its innovative Mantis architecture, designed for long distance thermal imaging.

The new long-range system has a high magnification spec which utilises LightPath's proprietary BlackDiamond infrared materials. The camera system can also be colour-corrected for a wide range of wavelengths that span mid (MWIR) and long (LWIR) wave bands (2µm to 12µm). 

Sam Rubin, LightPath's CEO, commented: “The Mantis camera architecture presents flexibility and capability currently unmatched within the thermal camera industry. Partnering with our customers to learn of potential imaging bottlenecks, we can design bespoke thermal imaging solutions that span wavelengths to fit their needs. The camera's flexibility is the result of the unique capabilities of our proprietary materials and the tremendous imaging and material expertise possessed by the LightPath team."

The dual-band nature of the Mantis provides users with a stronger thermal signal compared to standard cameras that are LWIR or MWIR only, improving upon previous versions which required two separate cameras for MWIR and LWIR.

While a standard LWIR camera captures the portion of the object's thermal signature emitted only in the wavelengths of 8-12µm, the Mantis camera can capture the entire infrared signature. This means users can attain a much brighter image of the object of interest, and the resulting images will have a higher signal-to-noise ratio,  enabling a longer detection distance. 

The original short-range detection Mantis camera was announced by LightPath in December 2022. Since then, the firm has partnered with customers to create new iterations of the camera, covering additional uses in various verticals.

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