Vision Award shortlist announced

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The shortlist for this year's Vision Award, the prize for applied image processing presented each year at the Vision show in Stuttgart, has been announced. Imaging and Machine Vision Europe is proud to be once again sponsoring the award, which recognises outstanding products or processes in the area of applied imaging. The winner will receive €5,000 prize money.

The panel of experts judging the award consists of: Don Braggins of Machine Vision System Consultancy; Hermann Tropf of Vision Tools; Martin Wäny of Awaiba; and Dieter-Josef Walter of Daimler.

The prize will be presented by Warren Clark, editor of Imaging and Machine Vision Europe, at an award ceremony during the Vision show, the international trade fair for machine vision held from 9-11 November.

The shortlisted candidates are:

  • ABAQuS, Using the M200CT to check the quality of barcodes and 2D codes as a prerequisite to automated data input with barcode scanners, Helge Moritz
  • Allied Vision Technologies, Redefining the limits of GigE Vision bandwidth using Link Aggregation, Paul Kozik
  • Aqsense, Global dimensional inspection and geometric features measurement, Josep Forest
  • BAP Image Systems, High-speed scanning basing on CIS-sensors, Dr Peter Bonk
  • Basler Vision Technologies, New CMOS camera generation, Henning Tiarks
  • Chronos Vision, High speed, real-time video eye tracking, A.H. Clarke, F.J. Baartz
  • Dalsa, BOA smart camera, Raymond Boridy
  • Effilux, LED lighting for 3D profilometry, Arnaud Mestivier
  • Flir Commercial Systems, New Flir A615, Chris Brown
  • Frankfurt Laser Company, HEML high-power temperature stabilised laser diode module, Scott Harvey
  • Fraunhofer-Institut für Digitale Medientechnologie (IDMT), Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum (EAZ), Fraunhofer eye tracker – a calibration free solution with scalable and configurable Hough IP Core, Prof. Peter Husar, Dr Frank Klefenz
  • Imaging Diagnostics, Auto-focus camera using standard DSLR lenses, Ofer Leizerovich
  • Inviso, Brain-inspired machine vision, Frans Kanters
  • Keyetech, Keyetech texture-based recogniser, Dr Pedram Azad
  • New Imaging Technologies (NIT), Native WDR: a radical, innovative breakthrough in CMOS sensors based on the Magic technology, Yang Ni, Nicolas Baroan
  • OPT Machine Vision Tech, Introduction of AOI light application in machine vision, Eric Chen
  • Photometrics, Photometrics evolve EMCCD camera – automatic, real-time imaging data standardisation, Dr Deepak Sharma
  • PMD Technologies, First robust and feasible gesture control using time-of-flight technology, Jochen Penne
  • Raytrix, Single lens 3D-camera with extended depth of field for industrial inspection, Dr Christian Perwass, Lennart Wietzke
  • Schott Lighting and Imaging, Telecentric zoom lens ML-Z07545HR, Nina Berlin
  • Sick Vertriebs, ColorRanger, Multi-aspect imaging using one single camera, Fredrik Nilsson
  • Smartvision, BlobMax, A new method for a safe inspection of planar and curved surfaces with diffuse or specular reflection, Holger Fiedler
  • Softhard Technology, Currera-R atom based industrial smart camera, Pavol Stefek
  • Sony Image Sensing Solutions Europe, The smallest C-mount digital camera, Myriam Beraneck
  • Spotrack, Method for the positioning of a multiple pan/tilt devices in the single object tracking applications (multiple camera tracking), Hrvoje Bili
  • Technos Japan, The world first visual inspection system without missing defections, which has 100 times better capability than human eyes, Yoshiro Yamada
  • Vision for Vision, Interactive workshop for fast prototyping, Yves Daoust
  • Xenics, The Lynx: a novel high-performance line scan camera system from Xenics, P. Merken, D. De Gaspari, K. Jacobs, and B. Grietens