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Vision Award entries finalised

Greg Blackman looks down the list of entrants for this year’s Vision Award, to be presented at the Vision trade fair in November 

After a year’s hiatus, the Vision show in Stuttgart returns in November and with it the Vision Award, a prize for applied machine vision. Imaging and Machine Vision Europe is proud to continue to sponsor the award, which is now in its 21st year.

There are 44 entries in this year’s competition, a record number. The jury, made up of Jens Michael Carstensen of Videometer, Hermann Tropf of Vision Tools, Martin Wäny of Awaiba, Dieter-Josef Walter of Daimler, and Michael Engel of Vision Components, will draw up a shortlist of potential candidates before deciding on the final winning application. The winner will receive €5,000, presented during a ceremony at the show.

Previous recipients include the CoaXPress consortium, Sick for its multi-imaging solution, the Austrian Institute of Technology for its 3D dental scanner, and, in 2012, New Imaging Technologies (NIT) for the company’s wide dynamic range stereo camera.

Dr Yang Ni, CTO and founder of NIT, commented that the award has given the company more visibility and new business opportunities. NIT’s technology is based on a logarithmic CMOS image sensor, called Magic Native HDR, which is applied to traditional stereo vision solutions.

Dr Ni noted that the company has been working on the sensitivity of the Magic pixel design and also on the global shutter pixel design. NIT has also extended the sensor into the SWIR spectrum, and a new wide dynamic range SWIR sensor will be announced at this year’s show, he said.

Vision Award entrants:

  • Adimec Advanced Image Systems, Better, faster, easier cancer diagnostics and treatment through vision technology innovation, Marcel Dijkema
  • AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, A novel HDR depth camera for real-time 3D 360° panoramic vision of autonomous vehicles, Ahmed Nabil Belbachir
  • Aphesa, High temperature, high pressure, colour, dual camera with live JPEG compression and HDR capability for oil well inspection, Arnaud Darmont
  • AT – Automation Technology, New high speed 3D compact sensors with extended profile detection algorithms and sophisticated 3D scan features, Dr Athinodoros Klipfel
  • Bluetechnix R&D, Object counting with a modular 3D sensor kit, Roland Oberhammer
  • Büchner Lichtsysteme, Extremely bright and uniform LED-spotlight with significantly improved performance data replaces halogen lamp, Thomas Büchner
  • Datalogic Automation, Datalogic Impact pattern sorting tool, Alessandro Franchi
  • DCM Sistemes, IBlueDrive technology – advanced LED lighting for machine vision. A new concept to control LED lights, Borja Pérez de Anuzita
  • Digital Technology Art (DTA), Hypera intelligent digital camera, Helen Kleinlugtebeld
  • Effilux, Effi-Ring, Arnaud Mestivier
  • EnShape, InspectionStreamer – Enabling dense and accurate shape measurements at an unprecedented 3D reconstruction rate, Dr Marcus Große
  • EVT Eye Vision Technology, Fusion of sensor data – 3D surface capture and image capture with bolometric cameras, Michael Beising
  • EVT Eye Vision Technology, Smart camera for high speed vision with FPGA, Michael Beising
  • Flir Commercial Systems, Fiat assures maximum bonding efficiency with Flir thermal imaging, Ruud Heijsman
  • Gardasoft Vision, Triniti – Expert control of machine vision lighting... made easy, Peter Bhagat
  • Icron Technologies, ExtremeUSB 3.0: Extending USB 3.0 for machine vision applications, Glenn Antonelli
  • IDS Imaging Development Systems, Ensenso stereo 3D camera makes bin picking quick and efficient, Oliver Senghaas
  • Infinitegra, Android USB camera technology, Yoshihiro Shimizu
  • Kaya Instruments, New CoaXPress frame grabber with retransmit capability, Michael Yampolsky
  • KCM – Karlsruher Centrum für Materialsignaturen, Fraunhofer IOSB, Analysis of spectral signatures, Matthias Richter
  • Keyence Deutschland, Keyence CVX-290: Universal 2D, 3D inline machine vision system, James Gardner
  • Kuvio Automation, BlueOcean – next generation machine vision, Dr Markku Jaaskelainen
  • Matrox Electronic Systems, Matrox Design Assistant 4 flowchart-based, hardware-independent machine vision, Fabio Perelli
  • Microscan, CloudLink: Monitor machine vision software from any web-enabled device, Nico Hooiveld
  • NIP, 640 x 512 InGaAs camera will provide you with low cost high performance and hybrid interface, Suyeol, Park
  • Odos Imaging, High-resolution time-of-flight 3D imaging: machine vision with depth, Dr Chris Yates, Chris Softley, Ritchie Logan
  • Opto Engineering, MCZR series – 4x macro revolver zoom lenses, Massimo Castelletti
  • Roboticssa, Flexible sorting machine vision system, Ignacio Secades
  • SAC Sirius Advanced Cybernetics, Trevista Spec, Dr Christoph Wagner
  • Schmachtl, High-speed inline feedback control with GigE cameras, Florian Martin
  • Silicon Software, LightBridge – machine vision conquers Industry 4.0, Michael Noffz
  • Smart Vision Lights, Smart colour box six LED test light, Casey Segraves
  • SMD Production-Technology, Innovative imaging system with AVT digital cameras measures microscopic bond wire, Juergen Kemenas
  • Soft Automation, Operating system independent, configurable machine vision and automation software, Frank Meyer
  • Sortec, Sortec: the groundbreaking innovation in machine vision, Simone Romano
  • Stemmer Imaging, Novel approach to high security print inspection, Jan Friedrich
  • Tag Optics, The Tag lens, Christian Theriault
  • Tattile, Open smart camera for real time inspection, Anna Personeni
  • Tianjin Optical Electrical Group, A novel machine vision framework for high-speed China rail, Dahai Yu, JianFeng Han, JunWei Han
  • ViDi Systems, Bio-inspired industrial vision software for automated aesthetic inspection and classification, Dr Reto Wyss
  • VisLab, 3DV-E: an embedded, dense stereovision-based depth mapping device, Luca Bombini, Gabriele Camellini, Mirko Felisa, Paolo Medici and Paolo Zani
  • Xapt, Xapt Eye-sect XL: viewing into nature’s eyes, Prof. Dr. Lothar Howah
  • Xenics, Cougar-640: low-light-level measurements in SWIR for semiconductor failure analysis or fluorescence imaging will open up novel solar cells or high-performing nano-electronic devices, Raf Vandersmissen, Patrick Merken
  • Ximea, Miniature hyperspectral cameras, Max Larin


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