White Papers

21 October 2014

Understanding a manufacturer’s specifications for a lens can greatly simplify the research and purchasing processes. In order to know how a lens works, it is critical to understand specifications such as resolution, magnification, contrast, and f/#, which will be explained in detail in this whitepaper in order to optimize your system performance.

11 August 2014

High quality illumination is the key to a successful vision system. Optimizing your illumination is critical to maximize inspection quality, speed and reliability. This is particularly challenging in high speed, high resolution line scan applications. This paper examines lighting technologies and techniques for line scan illumination. It also illustrates, through application examples, how to achieve the optimum performance from a line scan vision system.

25 July 2014

Discover the benefits of line scan cameras, including perfect, high resolution images, and the ability to image large objects.

18 July 2014

Automatic inspection by machine vision is leading to the dawn of the “smart factory”, eliminating errors resulting from manual operations, as well as improving quality consistency, increasing productivity, reducing production costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction. The result can be a distinct competitive advantage. Faced with limited floor space and budgeting for installation, operators are showing increased interest in small, compact, integrated, easily installed vision systems. Annual sales for such systems have grown at 30% in recent years.

11 July 2014

Tips to maximize the performance of your Imaging System