White Papers

05 March 2012

The choice of a camera interface is of equal interest to both users and manufacturers of digital industrial cameras. An interface that excels in all applications and outshines all others has not yet been found. But more clearly than ever before, trends can be recognised and a possible future scenario can be discerned.

01 February 2012

The emergence of the CoaXPress (CXP) standard gives developers of imaging and vision applications a new camera interface with which to work. Determining if the standard is the right choice for your next project requires careful consideration of both CXP’s features and your application requirements. This white paper introduces you to CoaXPress, compares it to established standards like Camera Link and GigE Vision, describes the applications for which it is best suited, and discusses how this standard may likely evolve.

09 January 2012

Digital cameras with colour image sensors are now commonplace. The same is true for the computing power and device interfaces necessary to handle the additional data from colour images. What’s more, as users become familiar and comfortable with machine vision technology, they seek to tackle more difficult or previously unsolvable applications. These circumstances combine to make colour machine vision an area of mounting interest. Colour machine vision poses unique challenges but it also brings some unique capabilities for manufacturing control and inspection.

08 June 2002

The acceptance and use of Gigabit Ethernet technology for industrial digital imaging applications continues to grow. The increased variety and capability of cameras to leverage this powerful interface, combined with planned updates to the AIA (Automated Imaging Association) GigE Vision interface standards makes GigE Vision based imaging more robust and more ideal than ever for real-time machine vision applications.