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XStream-SD4 video streamer

Advanced Micro Peripherals (AMP), an embedded boards and system solutions manufacture, has announced the release of the XStream-SD4, a stand-alone, ultra-low latency H.264 video streamer with four NTSC/PAL/RS-170 composite sources.

“This is a highly ruggedized SWaP optimized solution that is tailor-made for rapid deployment for even the harshest military and industrial applications” wrote company founder and CEO Lee Foss. “We are delighted to add the XStream-SD4 to our catalogue of proven technology solutions that have helped so many of our OEM partners.”

The XStream-SD4 features a dedicated hardware compression engine capable of encoding all four video channels at full size and full frame-rate with under 40ms latency. It also supports four channels of audio that can be captured and streamed with the video data.


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