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XR256 series high-speed strobe lights

Smart Vision Lights, a designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications has launched the XR256 series high-speed strobe lights for industrial and machine vision applications requiring high-speed, high-power, pulse-initiated, or pulse-following strobe lights.

The XR256 series are capable of up to 5,000 strobes per second and have a pulsed energy rating of 2,000W when LEDs are active. XR256 lights have a 256mm squared area of LED die running at up to 2,000W.

The lights also feature SafeStrobe technology that ensures the LEDs are protected from overheating and premature degradation. This technology applies safe working parameters to ensure the LEDs are not damaged by driving them beyond their limits.

Other features include pulse following or pulse-initiated operation, OverDrive (strobe operation only), internal storage of power drive energy, and 20µs-1ms settable strobe pulse.


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