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XCI series

The new additions to the XCI series of intelligent cameras from Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions Division will offer a more powerful 1GHz processor with MMX and SSE support. Designed to run an enhanced Windows XP embedded operating system, the units are suitable for software-based machine vision, security and traffic control applications.

Two cameras will be added to the XCI family, a 1,280 x 1,024 SXGA and a 640 x 480 VGA model, available in both monochrome and colour variants. An open FPGA processor allows a high-level of custom image processing. The image output is selectable between grabbed or pre-processed image.

The XCI series employ high-resolution, progressive scan interline transfer monochrome CCD sensors from Sony Semiconductor. Depending on the model, either a 1/2-inch or 1/3-inch type sensor is used. These sensors have been designed for industrial machine vision applications.

The cameras can provide output via Gigabit Ethernet and dual USB 2.0 interfaces. Opto-coupled I/O is provided by four input and eight output ports. The camera is housed in a robust enclosure measuring just 55 x 70 x 110mm.

A software development kit (SDK) supplied with the camera allows users to customise the operating system environment, build image processing applications and control camera parameters. The SDK also includes an example application and comprehensive programming and reference guides.


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