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X3 X-ray automated inspection system

Nordson Yestech has released its in-line X3 X-ray automated inspection system with digital imaging technology. It achieves a high rate of failure detection with a fast throughput and few false calls.

The X3 performs complete inspection of hidden solder joints and other critical features found in electronic assemblies, PCBs and packaged semiconductors including BGA, POP and embedded components. The system automatically checks for opens and shorts, insufficient or excess solder, lifted leads and tombstoned parts, voids, and component presence and position.

The X3's results are achieved using 2D and 3D inspection with high image quality. Nordson Yestech's Digital Tomosynthesis Technology acquires multiple images in different slice heights in one inspection cycle. The images can discriminate between components on the top and bottom slices of double sided boards for unimpeded automated inspection. The system's complete inspection coverage and extremely low false failure rate are the results of newly available image processing technology which integrates several techniques and inspection algorithms.

The X3's fast throughput is complemented by its short setup time; programming is fast and intuitive. The utilisation of standard package libraries simplifies training and ensures program portability across multiple manufacturing lines. The system can be integrated with Nordson Yestech automated optical inspection (AOI) for fault detection that covers nearly all process defects. With optional remote programming and SPC software, the X3 provides a comprehensive yield enhancement solution.


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