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WiDy SWIR cameras

New Imaging Technologies thanks to its latest log InGaAs technology proposes ideal short gating solution in QVGA and VGA resolution.

NIT WiDy SWIR cameras covering 900 to 1700nm band are already known for being particularly adequate for continuous level of illumination in active imaging thanks to their large dynamic and no saturation capability. Recently, NIT has released a new variant of its WiDy SWIR cameras in USB and Camlink allowing extremely low exposure time (down to 200ns) and low jitter (10ns) with minimum trigger delay of 200ns for pulsed illumination.

These compact and low power consumption (TECless) global shutter SWIR cameras are ideal for short gated SWIR application.  Available in QVGA with 3 in-pixel memories for true CDS or in VGA - current highest resolution on the market - they come with dedicated software offering programmable trigger delay with customizable very short steps for trigger in or out synchronization.

NIT technology ensures both maximum and constant shutter efficiency inside the programmed exposure window even at high speed. (see comparative measurement graph between CTIA and NIT).


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