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The WeQube, from Wenglor, combines components and features for smooth image processing in a compact housing. When combined with different software packages, three different light types, and communication interfaces, the system currently provides for more than 20 different product versions, which offers a suitable solution for a range of industries. Additional packages will follow over the next months.

Initially there are two software packages for the new platform: the WeQubeVision image processing package and the WeQubeDecode scan package for reading of 1D and 2D codes. The software helps transform the WeQube into a vision sensor, a 1D/2D code scanner or a smart camera.

The WeQube product platform is based on the Wenglor MultiCore technology which involves five high-performance processors coupled with software that provides for rapid image processing.

Two different image chip versions can solve either colour applications or monochrome standard and high-speed applications. The autofocus and 3D tracking features allow for reliable detection of objects independent of their position. The combination of optics and powerful LED illumination in the housing prevents loss of brightness and provides balanced and optimal illumination for poorly illuminated marginal areas.


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