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VRmDAVC-2 USB frame grabber

VRmagic has introduced the VRmDAVC-2 USB frame grabber. In combination with analogue cameras, the intelligent frame grabber provides users with a powerful platform that can perform image processing tasks autonomously.

Built upon the established D2 platform, the VRmDAVC-2 is a programmable Linux-based intelligent frame grabber. The D2 platform is characterised by a 300MHz ARM9 processor, a 600MHz DSP, 256MB RAM, and 512MB flash memory. Image data may either be processed directly in the frame grabber or transmitted via Ethernet for further processing. The embedded platform allows the direct connection of peripherals and control of equipment via RS232 or GPIOs.

The VRmDAVC-2 can upgrade analogue cameras to be an independent image processing system. Image processing tasks such as measuring and sorting can be accomplished autonomously and pre-processing tasks, such as run-length encoding or the generation of gradient images using a Sobel filter, can be outsourced. Further, the network load can be reduced by means of H.264 encoding.

The VRmagic API offers image data access from any PC. All VRmagic devices support the same API, making a future transition to an intelligent digital camera possible without additional programming. For OEM customers, the VRmDAVC-2 is available with a Pico interface board including a RGB888 interface.


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