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Vitronic to exhibit weld seam inspection at Schweissen and Schneiden

VITRONIC, a global leader in industrial machine vision, will exhibit its optical welded seam inspection system, VIRO WSI, at one of the world's premier trade fairs, SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN. Used by leading automobile manufacturers and suppliers around the world, this 100% inline inspection system ensures the highest level of quality and increases production efficiency.

Newly developed software algorithms provide the data for automated rework of defective parts, making VIRO WSI a key component of a complete automation chain.

Continuous seamless quality with maximum efficiency

The laser triangulation-based VIRO WSI inspection system can be flexibly integrated in existing production lines to detect the slightest deviations in brazed and welded seams. It inspects axle components, bodywork, wheels, seats, exhaust systems and battery modules. The inspection solution provides accurate, consistent, and reproducible inspections, regardless of external influences. Stringent quality requirements are met and product safety is ensured with reliability. Reputation-damaging quality-related complaints and costly recalls are prevented from the start.

In addition to detecting defects, direct inline inspections support quick adjustments early in the welding process, reducing the number of defects that emerge.

Interactive visualization terminals for rework

The VIRO WSI system offers optional visualization stations for manual rework. Here, workers can view individual seam inspection results of the components. Furthermore, workers can input completed rework in the system and document it together with the inspection results.

Typically, multiple VIRO WSI systems are used in one line during the stages of production. Inspected sub-assemblies are further processed and the parent assembly seams are inspected. The ability to visualize all inspection results of the assembled component has proven very useful.

Along with offering visualization stations for manual rework, the VIRO WSI system also provides data for automated rework.

Further processing makes the highest degree of automation possible

For end-to-end automation without interruption by required manual processing, VITRONIC offers a newly developed optional classifier for the VIRO WSI system. It categorizes detected irregularities and defects in terms of their ability to be automatically welded for a second time. The data for correct rework parametrization is then sent to the welding robot, meaning automated reworking is carried out directly in the inspection and reworking cell. As a rule, automated rework is re-inspected by VIRO WSI.

VITRONIC will exhibit the VIRO WSI inspection system and its extensive features at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Düsseldorf, September 25-29, 2017, Hall 13, Booth D15.

At the DVS Robot Welding Contest that will be held as part of the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN trade show, the VIRO WSI system is in use as arbitrator for the evaluation of the welding results, also in Hall 13.


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