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VicamSnap! camera

Vitronic has released VicamSnap!, a compact camera for recording barcodes as well as 2D codes. The system is installed above the workstation and reads codes while the goods are continuously processed at high speed.

The compact camera reads barcodes fully automatically and provides images for archiving. The reading field has a width of 30cm, a depth of 30cm and a height of 38cm. Imaging takes place continuously and fully automatically; manual triggering is no longer required.

The compact camera consists of a high-performance camera, white, long-term LED illumination, aiming device, loudspeaker, status display and an integrated decoder unit. This lightweight system can be installed and put into operation by the user easily and rapidly. The results are displayed and output via an interface. The operator can receive an optical or acoustic instruction (pick-by-voice/sort-by-voice).


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