Verification Monitoring Interface

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Microscan has introduced the Verification Monitoring Interface (VMI), a new software solution specially engineered for monitoring the quality of barcodes as they are produced on parts, labels, and packaging.

The new VMI software plug-in provides a custom Runtime window in AutoVision machine vision software for visualising the results of ISO barcode quality verification, as well as fluctuations in barcode quality over time. As VMI operates on the production line, manufacturers can use this live data about their barcodes to set alarms or trigger actions based on low barcode quality, which may indicate degradation of the printing or marking system.

By implementing barcode verification as a preventative measure, and with VMI running in real time as products are marked and labelled, poor and unreadable codes are prevented from entering the supply chain. Thanks to the solution, manufacturers can greatly improve product quality, operational efficiency, reduce scrap and unplanned downtime, and avoid costly fines associated with poor or non-compliant barcodes.