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VC360 camera

Vision Components has developed the VC360 camera, which offers 360° perimeter monitoring for security applications, such as people counting or tracking tasks, and is based on the VCSBC6210 nano intelligent single board camera.

The camera is more cost-efficient than existing panorama camera systems. Equipped with four sensor heads, it can be integrated into a wide range of customer-specific housings as an OEM module. Unlike standard dome cameras with fisheye lenses, the new camera is not designed for ceiling installation. Instead, it is suitable for installation at floor to eye height. Since ceiling-mounted cameras only record what happens underneath them and do not necessarily keep an eye on the ceiling itself, they cover an angle of less than 180°. This proves problematic in panorama applications, since remote objects or objects outside the aperture angle cannot be detected. The four sensor heads of the VC360, by contrast, monitor a 90° angle each and provide a 752 x 480 pixel (Wide VGA) resolution. The intelligent camera which is based on a 700MHz processor assembles a 360° panorama picture with a 1.5 Megapixel resolution from these images and independently corrects the lens distortion. Thereby, the blind spot is eliminated and the complete vertical visual field is covered.

Featuring an integrated web server, the VC360 can be easily controlled via web browsers, allowing users to trigger zoom and pan functions, for example. It is suited for distances between 0.5m and infinity and allows for live streaming. An Ethernet interface enables network integration. Further interfaces, such as RS232, are optionally available. Power can be flexibly supplied with 3.3 to 24V. Moreover, battery operation is also possible, ensuring long operating times through the low power consumption of the VC360 and a standby option.


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