VC Smart Reader

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Vision Components has released the VC Smart Reader, a software solution for data matrix code recognition. Combined with the company's intelligent cameras, the VC Smart Reader enables quick and reliable identification of 2D codes – depending on the camera model, it provides a maximum frame rate of 150fps.

Code detection and reading is not affected by the code's shape and size, the orientation of the code (which can be rotated by 360°), or by the background type (dark-on-bright or bright-on-dark). Advanced image noise reduction enables consistent detection even when codes are heavily damaged or when there are intense background interferences. Mirrored codes are reliably identified and read, as are special code types, such as nailed or dotted codes. Furthermore, results are not impaired by a covered 'L' corner or a partially destroyed 'L' pattern of the data matrix code.

Vision Components offers a wide range of real-time, network-capable smart cameras for the implementation of high-performance 2D code recognition systems. The VC Smart Reader software has been optimised for use with VC Base, VC Professional, VC Optimum, VC Board Cam, and VisiCube camera types. It features three operation modes: the Auto Mode requires no configuration efforts and enables the detection of a wide range of codes; the Teach-In Mode allows users to read in one sample code and save its parameters in a list; and the Parameter Adjustment Mode allows for manual adjustment of parameters to improve software performance.

The VC Smart Reader now also includes quality parameters such as ISO/IEX15415 and AIM DPMI-1-2006, which further facilitate the integration of the vision systems.