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v3.90 software for uEye cameras

IDS has released an upgraded software package for its uEye GigE and USB machine vision cameras. New uEye v3.90 software features sequence mode for e2v sensors, pulse width modulation (PWM), and boot booster.

The e2v sensor sequence mode is for capturing higher dynamic image sequences by using multiple exposures, as well as capturing different areas of interest (AOI) automatically. Parameter sets comprising AOI position, exposure time, and gain can be set individually for each image in the sequence, providing faster and more accurate recordings.

The pulse width modulation (PWM) feature enables the camera to control the brightness of a strobe light source. Frequency and duty cycle of the output signal can be adjusted, turning the camera into a function generator. Users can experiment with both the sequence mode and pulse width modulation in uEye Cockpit, the comprehensive camera viewer included in the setup.

The boot booster means cameras automatically boot when the computer is turned on. All features of v3.90 of the software development kit can be used with popular programming languages including C/C++, C# or VB. Drivers are available for Microsoft Windows. Linux and OEM versions will be available shortly.


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