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uEye LabView compliance

IDS has expanded its software support to allow users of LabView and the LabView Vision Development Module from National Instruments to quickly implement image processing applications using the uEye camera series.

The new interface comprises a set of virtual instruments which allow the smooth and easy configuration and parameterisation of the USB cameras for integration with LabView programming. In addition, every camera features a large selection of sample programs that assist developers in creating custom solutions.

The uEye cameras can also be used in conjunction with the LabView Vision Development Module, which permits the easy development of image recognition and image processing applications and comprises a powerful library of functions. This allows users to perform complex analyses of the images supplied by the cameras.

Besides LabVIEW the uEye cameras support many other standard image processing programs and libraries, such as ActivVision Tools, Common Vision Blox, Halcon and NeuroCheck. A comprehensive software development kit (SDK) for Windows and Linux is also included with every camera.


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