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Tucsen scientific cameras

ALRAD IMAGING is pleased to announce it can now provide TUCSEN scientific cameras. One of their most popular cameras is the Dhyana 400D which is equipped with a brand new scientific CMOS (sCMOS) sensor, providing 70% quantum efficiency at 550nm. The 1.2in sensor format with 6.5 x 6.5um pixel size is most suitable for microscopy imaging using the standard C-mount.

When comparing to other existing scientific CMOS camera products, Dhyana 400D has hardware 2x2 binning function (monochrome model) which gives it superior sensitivity for low light imaging. The Dhyana 400D has advantages of wide FOV, extremely low noise, high dynamic range, and high frame rate and much more. Also shortly available will be the Dhyana 90 camera which uses a large format 2in back illuminated 2k x 2k sCMOS sensor with 12 x 12um pixels, achieving a world beating quantum efficiency of 90% at 450nm, with a 50fps framerate. This camera is ideal for use with M42 mount lenses or “full frame” telescope / microscope adaptors.  Both cameras use USB3.0 interface.


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