TubeInspect P and 3D Arena

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Aicon has released a tube measurement system, TubeInspect P, and a new tracking system for automotive manufacture called 3D Arena.

The TubeInspect P is equipped with eight high-resolution cameras and is suitable for measuring tubes and wires from 1mm up to 125mm in diameter. The system measures with an accuracy of up to 0.035mm. The measurement area of 1,000 x 600 x 400mm covers 3D measurements of objects of up to 1 metre in length. However, even longer tubes and wires can be measured, as the lateral doors allow for an overlapping repositioning section by section. This makes it possible to measure components with an end-to-end-length of up to 2 metres.

Aicon’s 3D Arena is engineered to facilitate vehicle designers’ work in the future. The new tracking system enables designers to determine the absolute position of machines in a working space, meaning they can work flexibly with mobile machines that can be moved around in the working station without problems.

Up to 15 MoveInspect cameras are mounted on a frame above the working space covering a measurement field of about 6 x 9 metres. The camera system captures the position of a mobile milling machine, a white light scanner or another tool or instrument. It continuously determines its position in the work space in reference to the vehicle model. If the machine is put aside and brought back after a break, the tracking system recognises it and sets up the processing program according to the coordinates.