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TL9801 analogue video interface board for zoom block cameras

AIVION, the leading provider of video interface solutions, announced the TL9801, a small form factor CVBS analog video output interface board for zoom block cameras. TL9801 can be mounted on the rear side of the camera. With a 44 mm to 38mm size, the board fits optimal to the AIVION zoom block cameras AZM-FS10L, AZM-FS36-LVH, and the Sony Cameras FCB-EV7520A, FCB-EV7520 or FCB-EV7100. This simple, cost-effective, and reliable solution is suitable for cameras where analog CVBS PAL or NTSC output signals are required.

Depending on the camera model the CVBS video signals from the zoom module camera are passed through a 30pin micro coax connector or through a 24pin FFC connector via the TL9801. The video output standard PAL or NTSC has to be set within the camera. The TL9801 has also a USB2 UART camera control interface and the power input is regulated from 9V to 12V. The operating conditions for this board are -5°C to +60°C.

Depending on the camera model, the CVBS output signal is available on a MCX Coaxial Connector or a board to wire connector.


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