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Techspec silicon plano-convex (PCX) lenses

Edmund Optics has introduced its Techspec silicon plano-convex (PCX) lenses. These versatile lenses feature precision polished surfaces with a positive focal length with one flat and one convex surface. They are designed for orientation with the plano (flat) surface to be facing towards the desired focal plane.

The lenses are ideally suited for a variety of infrared (IR) applications including near-infrared (NIR) imaging and IR spectroscopy. The precision lenses are available in a variety of focal lengths from 25-250mm. They are offered uncoated and may be coated with a wide range of our own custom IR coatings.

As compared to other IR materials, the Techspec PCX lenses are manufactured of low-cost, low-density silicon and are perfect for the 1.2-7µm wavelength range. Silicon features a density of 2.329g/cm3 and an index of refraction of 3.422. This density is less than half that of germanium or zinc selenide and makes these lenses ideally suited for applications, especially those in the 3-5µm region, where weight sensitivity is a priority. Another outstanding feature of silicon is that it will react with halogens and dilute alkalis, but is inert to most acids. Silicon features a Knoop Hardness rating of 1150 – harder and less brittle than germanium, for robustness and excellent durability.

These lightweight, durable lenses are ideal for a wide variety of collimation and focusing applications utilising monochromatic illumination.


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