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Flir Systems has released Tau, a small, light, low-power uncooled longwave thermal camera core. Tau delivers high-quality thermal imagery and features a 25µm detector and Digital Detail Enhancement image processing algorithms.

Tau is a family of cameras consisting of three camera configurations: the high-performance Tau-P, the Tau-F made for demanding firefighting imagers, or the fully digital Tau-D. The cameras also have seven available lens options and are suitable for handheld thermal cameras, unmanned vehicle vision systems, firefighting imagers, thermal weapon sights, and many other applications.

Tau also offers excellent integration flexibility through its GUI and SDK, allowing users to control a variety of camera functions, select an analogue video format (NTSC/PAL), and configure a digital interface (8/14-bit serial LVDS, 8/14-bit parallel CMOS, or BT.656), for complete camera configuration.


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