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StreamPix 5 software with particle image velocimetry functionality

Norpix has expanded its StreamPix 5 software to include particle image velocimetry (PIV) functionality. PIV is an advanced flow visualisation method used across a wide variety of industries. The addition of PIV functionality to StreamPix 5 adds the ability to record instantaneous velocity measurements that can be used across a diverse range of industries including aviation aerodynamics, biomedical device development and even avalanche analysis.

StreamPix 5 is compatible with high speed cameras from Imperx, which are capable of capturing two video frames spaced at hundred-nanosecond intervals. The software provides an easy-to-organise naming scheme for saving or exporting images and the capability to export video data in a wide variety of formats. Norpix offers a number of turnkey StreamPix 5 systems that provide the hardware and software required to plug into an existing particle image velocimetry setup.


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