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StingRay uFocus laser line generators

The new StingRay µFocus laser line generators from Coherent enable the detection of smaller features in machine vision applications based on triangulation. The lasers feature a linewidth that is 40 per cent smaller than standard Coherent StingRay products (at the same working distance), and can achieve focused linewidths as small as 20µm. Based on cost-effective laser diode technology, StingRay µFocus modules are available at wavelengths of 520nm, 660nm, 785nm, and 830nm, at power levels of up to 200mW.

StingRay µFocus laser line generators deliver the same performance and ease of use features as their predecessors. This includes a line intensity uniformity specification of ±5 per cent, which yields increased measurement speed and greater dimensional accuracy. These lasers also support ‘dynamic line balancing,’ which allows for the correction of any intensity bias in configurations where the laser must be used at off axis illumination angles.

To further enhance usability, Stingray µFocus lasers include an internal ‘health monitor’ that indicates when a diode is approaching end of life, allowing a replacement to be planned, and production downtime to be avoided.

Stingray µFocus lasers are targeted at any machine vision application that requires high precision 3D profiling. This includes numerous uses in microelectronics manufacturing, glass inspection, medical and dental implant production, high precision extrusion and feature alignment in automotive assembly.


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