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Cepoint Networks has upgraded its multi-channel DVI/VGA and 3G HD-SDI digital video capturing, recording, and streaming system with IRIG-B or GPS frame time-stamp capability to support up to 128 simultaneous 1920 x 1080 sources.

Model Studio9000-DVR IRIG, which is designed for high-definition broadcast and surveillance video capturing and recording applications, conforms to SMPTE 424 standard, making transport of 1920 x 1089 60fps signal over 3G-SDI Link possible, and has capability of simultaneous audio capture and recording as well.

Other capabilities include synchronised capture and recording of high-speed and high-definition X-ray, radar and computer monitor screen (HDTV) video or image sources, with input capture and recording of RGB, (H&V sync or Sync-on-Green), Radar screen, DVI or VGA sources, X-ray and medical equipment images.

The ST9000HDSD also comes embedded with IRIG-B (Inter-range Instrument time code) or GPS time code generator and receiver for precision IRIG-A/B or GPS frame time-stamp and referencing. Also included is an embedded or removable solid state disk storage disk capable of storing up to eight hours or more of data or content.