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Spyder 3

Dalsa has launched a GigE Vision-compliant version of its Spyder 3 line scan camera. The Spyder 3 product family uses Dalsa's dual line scan sensor technology, ensuring the cameras are highly responsive and easy to use. Suitable applications include flat panel display inspection, postal sorting, wood and steel inspection, food inspection, and web inspection.

The Spyder 3 camera is three times more responsive and twice as fast as the Spyder 2, improvements that do not impact on noise levels. The increase in responsiveness is particularly important in situations with low light levels. The camera offers 1k and 2k resolution with a 14 x 14μm pixel size. The maximum line rate is 68kHz and throughput is 80 Megapixel/s.

The camera features a high bandwidth (1000Mbps) allowing image transfer in real time for distances of up to 100m. The standard Gigabit Ethernet network architecture allows single or multiple camera connections to single or multiple computers. Both GigE Vision and Camera Link interfaces are available.


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