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Spark SP-5000M-PMCL and SP-5000C-PMCL

JAI has introduced the Spark SP-5000M-PMCL and Spark SP-5000C-PMCL, a pair of 5 megapixel industrial cameras in JAI's Spark series.

The cameras feature a Mini Camera Link interface and can provide full resolution output at up to 134fps for 8-bit monochrome or raw Bayer images, or 120fps for 10-bit images. Twelve-bit output is also supported at up to 61fps.

Driving this output is a new 2,560 x 2,048 pixel CMOS imager which has been developed by Anafocus. The dual Mini Camera Link interface can be configured to support different data rate requirements using Base, Medium or Full configurations.

The SP-5000s make use of a mixture of on-chip and in-camera capabilities to deliver a combination of ultra-fast output and high image quality. The cameras feature an auto-scaling front end function that uses the full well capacity even in lower light conditions to improve dynamic range.

On the colour model, the SP-5000C-PMCL, an on-chip, four-channel analogue gain control is provided to allow individual adjustment of R, G1, G2, and B information for better white balancing and reduced noise.

JAI has added pattern correction algorithms to provide lower noise and better low-light performance than with standard on-chip pattern correction alone. Also included is JAI's Auto-Level Control (ALC) that combines auto-gain, -shutter, and -iris capabilities in an integrated function to let users optimise their auto-exposure control for lowest noise, fastest shutter, or other priorities.

The cameras are further equipped with an auxiliary lens control circuit that supports P-iris control, as well as programmable three-axis control of motorised zoom lenses or other analogue accessories.

The SP-5000-PMCL cameras are used for high-speed production line inspection or process monitoring and event capture. Outdoor applications benefit from the cameras’ ALC capabilities, built-in high dynamic range mode (monochrome), and extended temperature rating enabling the camera to operate in conditions ranging from -45°C to +70°C.


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