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Software library

Vision Components has introduced a software library for its smart cameras that enable camera-supported production monitoring and quality control in solar wafer production. The library features optimised positioning functions. Equipped with this software package, cameras provide users with a comprehensive robot guidance solution.

The integrated image processing system detects an object's position, which the camera then transfers to the plant's production robot via a data line, e.g. an Ethernet connection, enabling it to undertake all necessary adjustments. With a measuring accuracy of less than 2µm, the systems provide highly precise, tried-and-tested hand-eye coordination.

Processing times below 1.0 second are ensured for several regions or objects, i.e. one, two, four or more wafers within one frame. Measuring accuracy and repeatability are not affected by difficult conditions, e.g. when the silicon wafers have partly damaged edges or the image background is unstable due to varying brightness. Object edges can be sorted by thickness and perpendicularity. The smart camera automatically sorts and selects contiguous edges and based on this data, it computes centre points and rotational positions.

The function library is suitable for various camera models. Vision Components provides a tiered range of fully integrated cameras equipped with a proprietary operating system, thus allowing users to choose and implement precisely tailored solutions for any application.


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