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Sensor-specific ISP tuning for Nvidia Jetson platform

FRAMOS now provides sensor-specific ISP tuning for the NVIDIA Jetson platform to maximize image quality (IQ) leveraging a new state-of-the-art in-house lab. With this new offering, FRAMOS improves the image quality of all sensors across the entire Sensor Module Ecosystem and provides an even higher level of imaging quality for a wide range of applications. The IQ Lab features industry standard measurement systems and the required toolchains for maximizing the image quality of the complete vision system.

The Complexity of ISP Calibration and IQ Tuning

Across every sensor, lens and light combination each component possesses unique characteristics affecting the ISP (image signal processor) configuration which needs to be calibrated and tuned for optimal image quality and to prevent unwanted effects in the image. By taking a structured end-to-end approach, FRAMOS ensures the complete package is acting in unison. To achieve a higher level of performance the image pre-processor found onboard NVIDIA Jetson plays a key role in overall image quality. The ISP corrects and improves image quality while allowing the CPU and GPU to process other tasks more efficiently.

FRAMOS has the necessary tools and expertise to optimize the ISP and to improve camera image quality for the performance needed in any application. After setting up the sensor, lens, filters and illumination, FRAMOS calibrates the customer system by measuring the specific setup and generating proper ISP configurations. The FRAMOS imaging experts will focus on parameters for color processing, black level compensation, bad pixel and color correction, auto white balance, lens shading and fall-off correction as well as noise reduction, and sharpening.

Individual IQ Tuning on a Project Basis

As part of the FRAMOS IQ calibration process, hundreds of images from different scenes are taken and processed to generate an optimal configuration for the given hardware package. The FRAMOS development kits include basic NVIDIA Jetson ISP configuration files for a smooth start. In addition, FRAMOS offers full configurations for known hardware as well as custom calibrations and tuning for individual customer hardware on project basis. If needed, further tuning of each individual ISP parameter can be performed on a project basis according to subjective application requirements making your vision product unique in the market.


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