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E-con Systems has launched the See3CAM_80, part of the See3CAM family of USB 3.0 SuperSpeed cameras. The See3CAM_80 supports video streaming at resolutions of up to 1080p at 30fps and includes an 8 megapixel autofocus camera module, the e-CAM80_MI8825_MOD, with an OV8825 CMOS image sensor.

The UVC compliant camera is plug-and-play in both Windows and Linux. In Windows, the camera is exposed as a DirectShow device and in Linux, as a V4L2 capture source.

The See3CAM_80 supports 720p30, 1080p30 preview resolutions for high end video recording, video analytics and HD video conferencing applications. E-con is also bringing the full 8 megapixel still image capture capability to regular PCs for very high resolution imaging applications. The camera can stream the full 8 megapixel resolution video at around 11fps. All the above are uncompressed video and streaming is through the USB 3.0 interface, which supports 5Gb/s bandwidth.

The See3CAM_80 is ideal for applications such as document cameras, high resolution OCR applications for large sheet sizes, medical, and scientific applications such as tissue vision, pathology examination and microscopic applications where high resolution streaming is required.

The See3CAM_80 is based on OmniVision’s OV8825 CameraChip sensor. The OV8825 is a 1/3.2-inch optical format, 1.4µm pixel raw image sensor with a four-lane MIPI CSI-2 interface.


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