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Scorpion Vision Software 7.0

Scorpion Vision has released version 7.0 of its system software tool for industrial vision. With a toolbox containing more than 150 components for creating machine vision applications, Scorpion Vision Software is suited to working with Sony Smart cameras, digital cameras with USB, FireWire and GigE interfaces as well as 3D image sensors.

Application industries include: automotive; furniture manufacturing; food and drugs; robotics; packaging; energy; photovoltaic; and more. A key feature in Scorpion Vision Software is the ability to create and use 3D images. Based on the 3D image, Scorpion has tools to locate objects and perform geometrical operations in a framework with true 3D reference systems and 3D visualisation. The software can also combine 3D reference systems with any 2D image.

Functions include: 2D and 3D pattern matching; template finding; 3D measurements; blob analysis; morphology; metrology; calibration; colour identification; shape sorting; OCR and OCV; bar code and data code reading; and polygon matching with sub-pixel accuracy.


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